The Humanity Bracelet®

A Timeless Celebration of the Human Spirit


More than simply another piece of jewelry,

The Humanity Bracelet was created as a reminder

of the core values within each of us:  Values that help shape our lives, our diversities, our families, our search

for courage, our need for kindness, our reliance on

mutual trust and honor, our sense of charity and

so much more.


The Humanity Bracelet has been fortunate to

find a welcoming home in our cities and hamlets, our historic towns and beloved industries, within gift shops large and small; among those who

strive to protect the miracle of life, including

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital; or museums

such as the Museum of Art/Fort Lauderdale

exhibit Diana - A Celebration, which selected

The Humanity Bracelet to commemorate Diana, Princess of Wales; and featured as the first product ever to be written into the storyline of a CBS

Network show to celebrate its anniversary

with viewers.


The Humanity Bracelet® continues to be there for life's journey: a very personal piece of jewelry expressing often private feelings rooted in values that are both treasured and timeless.


We are honored our customers have chosen

The Humanity Bracelet®

as an expression of

those values.


Thank you for choosing Humanity.

Created in New York City





Launey, Hachmann & Harris


Advertising and Marketing




Robert E Launey

Deborah Fineout-Launey

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